Create, develop, deploy and upgrade signature seasoning, mixes and blends that brings culinary masterpiece to customer recipes.

Providing customized blends and concepts by developing tailor made recipes for food service chains and industrial food business. Recipe development relies on professional team connection, trial and tasting to achieve required epicurean taste by customer/chef. Recipes are developed and kept under confidentiality agreement.

Promoting private label for retailers and brand owners who’s looking for specific lines that stand out from competition. Responding to specific needs and different clientele at all level. Thereby, assuring quality and consistency of products.

Developing standardized solutions that keep foodservice business running smoothly and help it grow. This will lead the whole operation less expensive, more employable, consistent and successively efficient. Solutions are developed and packed as per customer targeted application.

We can develop private lines or customized blend upon application. Other packing formats and sizes are available upon request.