Authenticity, responsibility, and continuous improvement. This is what SHP has stood for since 1986.

From a small blending boutique in 1986 to a strategic hub for private label and customized blends, that is what defines our business today: Custom Culinary Solutions.

Gourmet seasoning, specialized flavorings, custom blends … We do it all, serving Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, North African, and international cuisine with innovative speed scratch techniques.

SHP is now operating for local, regional, and international brand owners with a total commitment to high-quality ingredients and services. What has always been important to our family members as company owners are being strongly focused on growing organically and ethically. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, deeply rooted in values, we offer opportunities to people from different backgrounds and origins, and we support the young generation for the common good.

With a great sense of responsibility, our acts are oriented to promote fairness, reliability, and honesty.

For more than 36 years, all SHP employees have lived and integrated this culture as a guiding principle in their daily activities.

We strive with all our efforts to ensure that generations of success with customers will continue. Trustworthiness and confidence count more than figures. To realize this achievement, we stand future-oriented, taking advantage of the latest technologies, creating future trends, and bringing new culinary solutions to the world.

Led by a team of passionate experts, we have the manufacturing facility, the know-how, the learning by experience, and the needed support for our customers to grow and expand.

Sourcing globally and producing our innovative quality products right here in Lebanon, we dedicate 80% of production output for export markets all over the world by adapting and aligning compliance to the legal requirements of each destination country.

Everything we do is done in compliance with the highest and most rigorous food safety standards.

We are accountable to all trusted partners we serve and act with integrity in all we do. We are pleased to shape the future with you!