At SHP, we are committed to boosting your experience of everyday meals.

It is our mission to keep the passion in cooking and to inspire chefs and operators with a great range of ingredients that make every dish their best.

We passionately deliver inspired culinary solutions with a wide range of trusted products, in multiple package configurations, to make it easier for the commercial and home chef to focus on delivering quality and value.

Our Research & Development expertise provides smart Speed Scratch Techniques
solutions & easy application into your hand with the focus on:

Saving time, money & labor costs
Sustaining consistency in your kitchens
Reducing a preliminary process by preserving cost efficiency
Supplying great taste and versatility

Get an added value and ask for:

Gluten free & reduced salt recipes
Valuable yields culinary solutions
Veggie kits & meatless kits
Halal range products
Simple & easy steps ready to eat comfort food