Production is the nerve centre of our operations. The site of processing is a dry clean area, conditioned, monitored for humidity and temperature. Segregated by process lines to preserve quality measures and to avoid possible cross contamination.


Grinding process is tailored to meet customer specific recipes and requirements. Room temperature control conserves oils within the ingredients for optimisation of flavour. Each batch is subject to magnet detector.


Blending process is adapted to meet customer standardized recipes. Mixture formulas and consistent code of practice are securely maintained through advanced software to obtain homogeneous blend that respond to specific requirements. Each batch is subject to magnet detector.


Filling & packing process is varied to respond to each customer dedicated need. Several types are available (stand up bags, doypack, 4 side seal, glass jars, pet jars and pails). Check weighing and metal detectors are also part of this process. Quality control monitor, verify and validate each operation before release.