Corona Virus precaution plan

Dear Business Partners,

Our company carefully follows and monitors all current situations and public news about Covid-19 (Corona Virus Disease). Since arrival our world changed significantly. The situation is evolving fast and almost every day and we are confronted with new rules & regulations from national governments and institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

As of today, apart from the news, there are no cases related to the contamination of foodstuffs when sufficient safety measures are taken.

Our Customer interests, together with the health of our employees, are key to our decisions.

We have made continuity plans and would like to inform you about our internal practices for Prevention against Corona Virus Transmission;
  • Cancel all meetings and reschedule either in the future or held by video call
  • Daily conference calls are organized to coordinate all aspects of our sales ordering process.
  • Work from home or from the office as needed with skeleton team
  • Intensive training and awareness on Corona Virus, transmission and cross contamination
  • Effective supervision for staff, food handlers and operators to reinforce and maximize hygienic practices and patterns
  • Increase number of sanitizing hand rub dispensers and new signs in prominent places around the workplace
  • Daily Deep Cleaning and continuous sanitizing and disinfection for touched surfaces and upon process changeover
  • Keep vigilant and ensure that staff are not ill and are fit to work (fever monitoring, symptoms of respiratory illness, difficulties in breezing, coughing, and sneezing..)
  • Daily Continuous Audits by Food safety team members to practice everyday preventive action
  • Travels has been restricted and those who had traveled lately have been quarantined for 14 days.
  • Total lock with no access to all building entries
  • Active Emergency team to handle warning signs for COVID-19
We are confident that we can continue to supply you under current circumstances.
If, although our continuity plans, our customer service level would be impacted, we promise that we will always inform you soonest possible.

On behalf of all our employees and management team, would like to thank you for the confidence in Second House Products.
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