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Our line of bouillon is made with selected vegetables and aromatics to flavor all your favorite dishes and to enhance their taste.
Bouillon is not only easy to use in everyday cooking, but will also save you time in the kitchen because they are quick to prepare.
Our product line includes a wide variety of classic flavors including: Beef, Chicken, Veal, Fumé de Crustacé and Vegetable.
Try them in your soups, stews and risottos to add richness and depth of flavor in recipes such as: seafood, siyyedieyeh, Molokhiah, mushroom risotto, beef stroganoff, chicken curries, and many more…
The widest range gives you endless menu possibilities.

Chicken Bouillon powder mix
Roast Chicken bouillon powder mix

Veal Bouillon powder mix -Jus de Veau Lié
Beef Bouillon powder mix

Fumé de Crustacé powder mix