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One of the oldest known prepared foods, “Hummus” is the most loved dips in the world.
At “Second House Products” we have improved this classic dip process to make it easier by saving time and number of ingredients in preparation a day ahead. Two versions are now available, one that just need ‘Water Add ‘, characterized with a creamy and smooth texture. Another dedicated for professional chefs to add water and tahini of preference. A perfect accompaniment for hundreds of sandwiches and burgers variations, or it can enhance a multitude of meals on its own.
We have developed many new twists on this staple and new flavor.
Spread or Dip our Hummus is simply blended to create your own signature and to make an impact on menus and product development.

Creamy Hummus powder mix – Classic recipe
Creamy Hummus powder mix-quinoa & roasted garlic

Creamy Hummus powder mix-beet & roasted sesame
Creamy Hummus powder mix-Tikka

Creamy Hummus powder mix-wassabi