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Zaa’tar or wild oregano has been used as staple in East Mediterranean cuisine from medieval times to present.
Although each country has its own unique mix, Zaa’tar is usually a balanced combination of wild oregano and thyme, traditionally dried in the sun before it gets mixed with sumac and toasted sesame seeds and salt.
At “Second House Products” we have improved this classic aromatic blend to make this dip more versatile and nutritious for you. Available in many rich blends such as Aleppo, Armenian, Jordanian and with Chia versions.
Drizzle olive oil into the dry Zaa’tar mix until it looks like pesto, then spread on any dough base such as biscuit out of a tin, pizza crust or a croissant, and bake for a delicious breakfast treat.
You can also add it to Labneh spread, Greek yogurt or any type of soft white cheese such as Mozzarella, or simple sprinkle it on top of salads.
Enjoy It!

Zaa’tar – Lebanese oreganum mix
Zaa’tar – Halabi oreganum mix

Zaa’tar – Jordanian oreganum mix

Zaa’tar – Armenian oreganum mix