In a saucepan, mix the content of the sachet (200g) with 4 cups (800 ml) of cold milk of your choice.
Stir continuously with a whisk, put on low heat and keep stirring until mixture is thickened and smooth, with no lumps.
To Serve, pour into serving bowls. Cover or wrap the pudding to avoid a skin forming.
Allow to cool a bit before refrigerating. Takes 2 hours to set in the fridge.
You can decorate with a layer of Gelatin when cold and refrigerate again for 1 hour. Top it with coco crisp and Enjoy!
Before serving add a dusting of cacao powder, or slice a banana and drizzle some honey over it.
Enjoy it with blueberries or any fresh berry in season, try it with crushed pistachios and some Maple Syrup!

Each 200g sachet can make about 4 cups or serving bowl.