The Authentic Kafta Beef Kit with Mashed Potato & Red Harissa

Contains 3 Sachets


Kafta Beef – Seasoning Powder Mix 30g (1.06 oz) or each sachet
Serves for 454g / 1lb raw beef
1. Prepare Sauce: mix the content of 1 sachet with 50ml (1.7fl oz) water. Let it rest for 5min.
2. Mix with Raw Meat: mix the seasoning with minced beef + fat.

Mashed Potato Powder Mix 200g (7fl oz) (Wire Whisk)

1. Add boiled water (1000g) to 1 sachet Mashed Potato Powder mix
2. Mix until creamy using a wire whisk

Harissa Sauce Powder Mix 50g (1.8fl oz) (Mix Manually)

1. Mix the Red Harissa Powder sachet with 150g (5.1fl oz) of water.
2. Add 50g (1.7fl oz) of vegetable oil. Keep mixing until you get a smooth sauce. Refrigerate covered before serving.