The Ultimate Meatless Sujoc Kit with Creamy Hummus & Harissa Sauce

Contains 3 Sachets


Meatless Sujoc Solution Powder Mix 350g (12.35 oz)
Step 1: Mix 400g (14.11 oz) Powder with 0.5 Liter of Water
Step 2: Add 75ml of Vegetable Oil
Step 3: Let it Rest for 30 minutes
Step 4: Form Patties then Grill or Bake

Creamy Hummus Powder Mix 100g (3.53 oz) (Use a small food processor / Blender)

Step 1: Pour 150g. (5.30 oz) of water in a blender. Add the creamy hummus powder sachet. Blend on low speed for 1 minute.
Step 2: Add 40g. (1.41 oz) vegetable or olive oil. Keep blending until you get a creamy texture. Refrigerate covered before serving.

Harissa Sauce Powder Mix 50g (1.76 oz) (Mix Manually)

Step 1: Mix the Red Harissa Powder sachet with 150g (5.30 oz) of water.
Step 2: Add 50g (1.76 oz) of vegetable oil. Keep mixing until you get a smooth sauce. Refrigerate covered before serving.