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Second House Products, is a family business located in Lebanon founded by Mr. François Rizk since 1986, with an entrepreneurial spirit focused on Organic Growth.

The company is engaged in manufacturing and exporting the finest Lebanese and Mediterranean food specialties, through continuous adaptation to food safety trends in each country’s culture, thereby leading to continual organizational improvement.

The company maintains two integrated ISO systems since 2008 being ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) & ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety Management System). Sustaining such systems is considered a vital element for entering foreign markets, manufacturing under private label and gaining trustworthiness in customized/tailor made projects. It is also crucial to maintain control, consistency, innovation of key processes and to upgrade products and services within supply chain.

70-80% of production output is dedicated for export markets such as: Australia, USA, Sweden, Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, Jordan, Africa, KSA and Syria. The remaining 20 to 30% of output is dedicated for local market mainly food service and private label sectors subject to export again by brand owners.


Customized Culinary Solutions & Private Label

Create, develop, deploy and upgrade signature seasoning, mixes and blends that brings culinary masterpiece to customer recipes.

  • Providing customized blends and concepts by developing tailor made recipes for food service chains and industrial food business. Recipe development relies on professional team connection, trial and tasting to achieve required epicurean taste by customer/chef. Recipes are developed and kept under confidentiality agreement.
  • Promoting private label for retailers and brand owners who’s looking for specific lines that stand out from competition. Responding to specific needs and different clientele at all level. Thereby, assuring quality and consistency of products.
  • Developing standardized solutions that keep foodservice business running smoothly and help it grow. This will lead the whole operation less expensive, more employable, consistent and successively efficient. Solutions are developed and packed as per customer targeted application.

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We can develop private lines or customized blend upon application.

Other packing formats and sizes are available upon request.

Quality Assurance

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. We believe that our customers, partners and brand owners deserve the best. Our daily efforts are strived toward continues compliance and improvement in globally recognised quality and food safety systems.

We closely supervise and monitor the entire processing process, starting from the selection of row material, to packaging and dispatch stage. Second House Products has a sustained control system based on efficient inspection, sampling, testing, verification and validation. Supported with daily practices covering but not limited to risk management, traceability, allergen management, GMP and GHP.

We strive continuously to delight our customers in products and services offered.



Our preemptive moves and strategies, product development, expertise, and our long-trusted business, make us the preferred partner to some of the biggest national and international companies today.

Our certifications:
Food Safety System Certification 22000:2013


(Grinding – Blending)

Production is the nerve centre of our operations. The site of processing is a dry clean area, conditioned, monitored for humidity and temperature. Segregated by process lines to preserve quality measures and to avoid possible cross contamination.

  • Grinding process is tailored to meet customer specific recipes and requirements. Room temperature control conserves oils within the ingredients for optimisation of flavour. Each batch is subject to magnet detector.
  • Blending process is adapted to meet customer standardized recipes. Mixture formulas and consistent code of practice are securely maintained through advanced software to obtain homogeneous blend that respond to specific requirements. Each batch is subject to magnet detector.

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(Filling – Packing)

  • Filling & packing process is varied to cover automatic, semi-automatic and manual filling (when needed). It also respond to each customer dedicated pack. Packing variety cover spice bottles, jars, pails and bags. Each batch is subject to magnet detector and check weighing.

Quality control monitor, verify and validate each operation before release.





(Raw – Packaging – Finished)

  • Warehouses for a raw material, packaging, semi-finished and end products are physically separated by floors to avoid possible cross contamination.
  • Maintaining control of room humidity (max 60-75%) and temperature (55-85ºF / 13-29ºC), clean environment, pest control and good stacking for better product preservation.
  • Maintaining allergen control plan and process flow diagram (segregation of allergenic foods or ingredients during: receiving, storage, handling and processing/supplier control program/prevention of cross contamination, etc)
  • Applying FIFO methodology.




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